Light Peeling Foam 150ml

Light Peeling Foam 150ml

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A formula based on water with Silver nanoclusters, which restores the skin, enhances the anti-inflammatory processes of the skin, normalises the hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands and removes the oily sheen.

Contains Vitamin A, B, C, E and microelements that leaves the skin feeling hydrated, smooth and soft.

Lactic Acid works on the sebaceous glands, dissolves “plugs” from sebum, dirt, and makeup residues in the ducts, thereby eliminating blackheads and preventing inflammation.

Fruit Acids which weaken the connection between the scales of the stratum corneum and accelerate the natural process and their branches, thereby stimulating neocollagenesis.  As a result, the skin is lightened, softened, and the amount of inflammatory elements is significantly reduced.


Facial cleansing foam that gently exfoliates, removes impurities, fights inflammation and irritation.
Due to the synergistic combination of lactic and fruit acids, the peeling foam relaxes the intercellular layer, stimulates the regeneration of the deep layers of the skin.
At the same time, it activates fibroblasts in the dermis, increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improves the appearance, and evens skin tone.
The skin becomes soft and ready for a better perception of professional procedures and further applied preparations.

  • Centella asiatica in the composition, provides a moisturising, antioxidant, healing effect, improves blood circulation and evens skin tone
  • Salicylic acid effectively reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria, normalises the sebaceous glands and reduces scars
  • Aloe vera activates cell regeneration, soothes, moisturises, nourishes, and ensures the transport of nutrients
  • Chlorophyll extract is a natural antioxidant, a source of biological active substances, accelerates regeneration and epithelialisation.


  • Apply a small amount of foam to the skin, distributed with massaging movements within one minute and rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • Use (1) week before clinic treatments to prepare the skin for Chemical peels and Algae peels
  • Use as part of BB glow and HyalNano treatments
  • For oily acne prone skin, use once daily
  • Not suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it is best to use ZENA Cleansing Gel
  • Made in Ukraine